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As for psychology, Westerners are ten thousand years behind Indian

1As for psychology, Westerners are ten thousand years behind Indians (educated Brahmins). Only in the 18th century was there an awakening interest in psychological phenomena, and since then research has not progressed very rapidly. Still Western psychologists lack the prerequisites of understanding Patanjali’s orienting analysis of the consciousness aspect.

2It is essential for esoteric psychology to see the limits to the consciousness of the different envelopes and the characteristics of each kind of envelope consciousness. Without this knowledge man lacks the most elementary prerequisites of grasping the everyday phenomena of his own so-called mind, not to say understanding the consciousness aspect of existence.

3Esoterics, explaining evolution, psychological (the evolution of consciousness) as well as biological evolution, and presenting the great number of evolutionary levels through all the natural kingdoms from the mineral to the highest cosmic kingdom, puts a definitive end to the life-ignorant belief in the equality of all. It is beyond comprehension that people believe that, with the right opportunities, any individual could have become a Platon, a Michelangelo, a Newton, a Rembrandt, a Mozart. There would have been crowds of such geniuses, for many have had similar opportunities.

4When a Kretschmer comes up with a categorization of psychic disease or a Freud puts forward a theory of subconscious and superego, then thousands of researchers pounce upon the products of their brainwaves as though they were great scientific discoveries. But when an esoterician offers a psychology that can really explain things, then this is “no science”, and such things they do not condescend to examine. If someone nevertheless makes an attempt, this just results in superficial opinions based on a total misunderstanding of the esoteric terminology. Only time can effect an improvement. After a few hundred years the mistake is acknowledged. Truth is condemned before examination is begun. It is only a matter of finding apposite arguments and construct the discovery. The history of science abounds with such instances. But this truth they do not see or do not want to see and admit. At any event they refuse to learn from it. It is always hopeless to fight dogmatism in theology, philosophy, or science, the authority of the first self.

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